What is Cura Emergency Services?
We are your eyes and ears in the environmental and hazmat worlds. We speak the lingo, have the contacts, the knowledge, and experience to coordinate and manage a rapid, cost effective response to your emergency spills. We are an advanced, innovative, and independent group of degreed professionals who manage about 1,000 spills annually covering a broad spectrum of environmentally sensitive incidents involving everything from fuels to acids to oxidizers. Our managers are active in multi-disciplinary professional development certification programs, participate in volunteer civic and educational programs, and come from a wide variety of disciplines including emergency management, ecology, engineering, reclamation, agriculture, economics, and environmental science.

What does Cura Emergency Services do?
When you have a fuel or chemical spill, we size up the problem, execute a measured initial response, manage the clean up operations, handle the regulatory agencies, ensure site closure, and provide an after-actions review. Our goal is to handle the spill as if it were our own.

Are there retainer fees or "hidden costs" associated with Cura's Services?
Our rate structure, simply put, is time and materials. We do not require an exclusive-use contract, do not charge a retainer or membership fee nor do we collect referral or "finders" fees from our subcontractors. Our rate structure is designed to be simple, fair and transparent to our clients while also allowing us to keep an unbiased third-party perspective as it relates to managing our subcontractors.

Is CES a "spill broker" or TPA (third-party administrators)?
Unlike a "spill broker" or TPA who generally fills a passive, administrative role in a spill clean up project, we provide a level of expertise and experience in the field to represent your interests at the site, focus on compliance and closure, and review operations and invoicing to ensure costs are in line with site operations.

What distinguishes CES from other "spill management services?"
Independence, personal service, experience, and simplicity. We are a stand-alone service so the management of your projects are not influenced by outside or competing agendas. Your spill will be assigned to a manager who is responsible for overseeing your project from start to finish. That manager is well versed in regulatory and industry standards because they are working spill projects every day. At the end of the day, our goal is to clean up and close your spill site in the shortest time frame with the simplest work plan.

How does the program work?
Once you have signed on as an active client, you will have pre-approved access to our 24-hour, toll-free spill hotline. When you have a spill-related incident, you just call the number - we’ll take care of you.

How do we get signed up?
Write us an e-mail, give us a call, or fill out a request-for-more-information form right here on the web site. Somebody will  be in touch with you to set up the appropriate paperwork within a few days!

Can we list Cura Emergency Services on our shipping documents as an emergency contact?
The Cura Emergency Services reporting line is not set up in a way that satisfies DOT regulatory requirements under 49§CFR 172.604 nor does CES offer an MSDS or emergency contact service for those purposes.

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