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Cura Emergency Services began as a division of Cura, Inc., a large environmental consulting firm working primarily in traditional remediation services. Our transportation clients realized that when their fleet suffered over the road spills, they did not know the regulations in various states, or who the reputable contractors were, and as a result they were being fined and paying far too much for clean ups. They asked if we could take our environmental knowledge and build a program to assist them. The emergency services group also took on projects ranging from state superfund sites to hazardous waste disposal and grew our expertise.

In 1997, we spun off and became Cura Emergency Services, a stand-alone company specializing in emergency management of hazardous materials incidents, and brought along our extensive background in remediation and consulting. Through the years our program has grown, and today Cura Emergency Services is the premier spill management company in the country serving a wide variety of industries. From saddle tank spills on the side of the highway, to major chemical fires, our program has proven itself effective at providing rapid response, with controlled costs, and in compliance with the regulatory agencies.

Over the past few years we have also been asked by clients to become more involved with their non-emergency remediation projects, waste brokering, and assisting with compliance issues. We heard the call, and have added a professional geologist and environmental scientists to the staff, and are prepared to be your complete environmental solution.

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