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These are case examples that show how CURA helped save clients thousands of dollars.

250 Gallon Diesel Spill | Needles, California 
A single-vehicle accident along a bridge in the mountains near Needles, California, resulted in a 250 gallon diesel fuel spill. The steep grade at the site caused the fuel to spread over a large area and made site access with heavy equipment complicated. Clean up operations extended for nearly a week and resulted nearly 250 tons of waste. Based on the project scope and aided by our long-time working relationship with our contractor, CES negotiated more than $5,000 in cost reductions for our client.

Truck Fire Clean Up | Miami, Florida 
An idling truck caught fire in a maintenance yard. The tractor and it's trailer burned to the ground. A local clean up group was contacted and provided an initial estimate for the clean up totaling between $53,000 and $60,000. Cura Emergency Services opted to work with a known, network contractor to ensure that the clients best interests were represented. As a result of Cura's involvement, the total project costs came in at about $30,000 less that initial estimate. 

270 gallons Non-Hazardous Chemical Release | Shirely, Arkansas 
A mechanical failure resulted in the release of 270 gallons of a friction-reducing chemical into a nearby stream.  The Cura team worked with regulatory personnel to develop a measured scope for the remediation based on the non-hazardous nature of the released material.  Cura passed on a savings to the client of approximately $2,000.00. 

250 gallon Hydrochloric Acid Release | Seth, West Virginia 
A mechanical failure resulted in the release of 250 gallons of hydrochloric acid from a tote onto the soil and grass on a facility yard in a rural area of West Virginia. 
After discussing the nature of the release, the Cura team selected a pre-qualified contractor in the area and dispatched a partial crew to further evaluate the site before sending additional equipment and personnel.  The team worked together to treat the release in place without excavation.  Once the remediation was complete, the incident manager further negotiated reductions to the invoice. 
Cura passed on a savings to the client of approximately $2,500.00. 

100 gallon Diesel Fuel Spill  |  Ranger,Texas 
A tractor-trailer overturned on the interstate causing the a saddle fuel tank to rupture and approximately 100 gallons of diesel fuel to be released. The responding fire department had already dispatched a contractor to the site.  The incident manager negotiated with the contractor to bill the project under Cura's preferred rates. Factoring in overtime and industry standard minimum charges, Cura's involvement saved our client an estimated $5,000.00

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