Spill Kits

Cura Emergency Services offers a wide range of spill kits and can customize kits to fit your needs. Our most popular spill kit designed for transportation incidents includes:

  • 20 Universal Pads
  • 2 3”x4’ socks
  • 1 Epoxy Stick
  • 1 Yellow disposal bag
  • 1 pair goggles
  • 1 pair gloves

The kits are shipped inside a zippered plastic bag that can easily be placed inside your vehicle. When these kits are used to patch leaking tanks or prevent spills from reaching drains they can save your company substantial money!

These kits are $29.99 each plus shipping. If you need different kits, or a custom design, please feel free to contact us at operations@curaes.com.

Spill Kit Packed in Bag
Spill Kit Packed in Bag
Spill Kit Unpacked
Spill Kit Unpacked

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