Cura Emergency Services offers the premier oil and hazmat spill management program in the nation. Emergency Response Management - Key Benefits

  • Turnkey spill management - One call does it all.
  • Active management by experienced professionals.
  • We do it right to keep you out of trouble with the regulators!
  • Service - We operate as an extension of your company.
  • We are an independent group, not consultants or contractors. 
  • You are prepared for a spill before it happens.
  • No subscription fee or retainer! - You only pay for what you use!


Cura Emergency Services provides spill response management for fuel, cargo and hazardous material spills in all 50 states on a turnkey basis 24 hours a day 365 days a year. CES has field experienced Incident Managers that actively manage all aspects of the spill incident to assure that your contingency plan is implemented. We have a network of about 1000 prequalified contractors that we manage on a task-by-task basis to respond to spills. The Incident Manager mobilizes the appropriate contractor and makes verbal and written regulatory notifications. Site closure parameters are negotiated at this time with the regulatory agency. This allows us to define the scope of work and task-by-task manage the contractor to complete the necessary work to gain site closure. Closure documents are filed with the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Emergency Management Services include:

  • Mobilization of our prequalified emergency response contractor to the spill site (we tell our contractor how many people and what equipment to bring to the site.).
  • Site coordination is provided. This includes communication to the first responders (Fire Departments, Department of Public Safety, State Troopers, Federal, State, and Local Regulatory Agencies) that there is a contingency plan and an emergency response contractor is in route to the site. The activity of these responders is coordinated to prevent the duplication of efforts and to minimize the impact of the spill until our response contractor arrives.
  • Applicable Regulatory notifications are made, both verbal and written. Closure parameters are negotiated at this time (this defines the scope of work required to gain site closure).
  • Task-by-task management of the response contractor. The scope of work and associated costs are authorized and managed by CES.
  • Waste management is handled in accordance with your company policy. Disposal options will be evaluated to determine the most cost-effective method on a case-by-case basis.
  • Invoice Audit is performed to verify the authorization of the scope of work performed and the associated costs for contractor services.
  • Closure reports are filed with the appropriate environmental regulatory agencies with copies provided to you.

At CES, we have the right combination of managers, scientists, and business people to ensure that your interests are protected. Don't let spills just happen to your company - Call Cura Emergency Services today to set up a spill management partnership.

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